Screen acting sessions for aspiring and professional actors. 


Michelle, Amy and Caroline have worked together for the past four years teaching courses in screen acting at LAMDA, The Royal Academy of Music, Identity and Kingdom. 


We believe that continuous playback and feedback in essential for a screen actors progression, so the work is always practical. Whether you want a one to one brush up session, a weekend workshop, or to film a self-tape in a professional studio, we can give the best guidance and support. 



Screencraft for the actor - Part one 


The camera... is merciless. If you don't believe what yo're saying, it hears it. If you don't believe it, it sees it in your eyes, it hears it in your voice that there isn't the conviction there  - Riz Ahmed


The weekend will provide actors with repeated opportunities to film and watch themselves back, alongside learning basic technical skills. The workshop aims to demystify the craft of screen acting, allowing the actor to feel relaxed and confident.


For anyone who has completed screen craft one, screen craft two will provide an opportunity to look at further technical skills and more complex scene work. 


Audition for screen 


The best advice for fellow actor is this: know what your job is... an actor is supposed to create a compelling, interesting character, that serves the text and present it the environment where your audition happens, and then walk away. And that's it - Bryan Cranston


A full weekend exploring solo prep, character creation and audition technique. The workshop aims to demystify the screen audition, allowing the actor to feel relaxed and confident. The actors will be provided with repeated opportunities to film audition scenes and watch themselves back, culminating in a self tape workshop.


Further information


All workshops will be in small groups - no more than four. Workshops are for 19 yrs + and are aimed at professional actors - there is no upper age limit.



Scripts will be provided in advance. We will ask actors to bring one scene for the audition for screen workshop - further details sent on booking.




Weekend Workshops - £250 per person for the course. The teaching day will run from 10.00 - 17.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Audition for screen - 22nd - 23rd April

Screen craft (part one) - 20th - 21st May

June and further course dates to follow.

ONE TO ONE AND PARTNER SESSIONS £50ph - minimum session one and a half hours (10% discount for students).



To apply for a place on a workshop or to book a one to one session, please email Please include a short intro or spotlight link.


We work from The Holloway Lightbox in Leyton. The studio is a ten / fifteen minute walk from Leyton, Leytonstone or Leyton Midland Station. Please ring the bell on the studio gate Jersey Rd, E10