A headshot that says you’re a Leading Actor

What is it to be a leading actor?


It’s being confident, in control, a collaborator. The kind of person that you would want on your set or in your rehearsal room.


To project this in a headshot, you need to understand that it often takes time, years of knowing what you look like and then learning how to use what you have. It really helps to have a sense of comfort with yourself and how you look. Then, like anything, practice. The more you have your picture taken, the easier it gets and the more you learn what works. 


A strong headshot, can have a great knock on effect to your career. It will convey to your agent that you are stepping up. Which will in turn let them know how ambitious you are, giving them more confidence in you. Casting directors, directors and producers will feel like they’re lucky to have you on their set or stage, giving them greater confidence. Even if you tend to work in strong supporting roles, a headshot of this caliber is essential to get you seen for higher profile projects.



Michael Gould: Lead role of The Jury - Channel 4

Naomi Ryan: High profile roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and other features.

Rupert Evans: Leading role in Man In The High Castle - Amazon Prime

Raphael Acloque: Leading role in 24 Legacy - Fox

Laurie Davidson: William Shakespeare in Will - TNT

Zoe Tapper: Leading roles in Liar and Safe House - ITV

Lucian Msamati: Leading roles in Amadeus (National Theatre), Taboo (BBC)

Babou Cessay: Nominated for BAFTA best actor, Damilola, Our Loved Boy, Leading role in Guerilla - Sky