Laurie Davidson

Brenock O’Connor

Kobna in Dr Strange

      Whilst sitting in the cinema recently I saw this amazing man sending Dr Strange on his quest into the the Himalayas, where he then begun his training. The fantastic Kobna Holbrook-Smith had trodden the path before him. It is such a pleasure to see people who I have done there headshot, some now friends, pop up in such massive projects such as this.

Lucian Msamati

Lucian was an absolute joy to work with, he came knowing exactly what he wanted but left a lot up to me, saying I was the expert. When he left I not only had a great set of images but felt more knowledgeable about both life and work. What a guy.

The Quiet house – Poster +

I recently was commissioned to take the photo for the poster of The Quiet House at the Park Theatre. I also took some rehearsal pictures. Here is Michelle Bonnard (my beautifully talented wife) on the flyer. Followed by the the original shot. Then some of the rehearsal shots of Michelle, the brilliant Ollie Lansley, fantastic Tom Walker (Jonathan Pie) but sadly the final member of the cast, Alison Ava-Brown wasn’t doing her scenes when I was in so I missed out there. Then finally (for those that get that far) another version of what the poster etc could have been.

Babou Ceesay

After playing Lewis’s sidekick in the final ever episodes of this long running series, Babou was asked for some PR shots for some national newspapers. Part of my job was to put together a series of ideas about the style of the shoot and then to offer up locations that would reflect both the programme and Babou’s career. These photos were shot at Wilton’s Music Hall, the home of Babou’s first job out of drama school - Max Stafford-Clark’s famous Macbeth. They appeared in The Guardian amongst other publications.

Jim Broadbent

I was recently commissioned by LAMDA to take a picture of Jim Broadbent for there ‘Act Now’ campaign. It was fantastic working with such a pro and a privilege to work with LAMDA on this campaign.

Will Smith

Sean Hart

Will Haddington