Baba Oyejide

    A smart actor and comfortable in his own skin, Baba was great to photograph. His love of acting and excitement about the process came through as we chatted and we had a fun session. Having grown up from round the corner from where I live, I also learnt a bit about Stoke Newington.

Alex McSweeney

  Alex is a great guy who has been in the industry for a while now. He came to get his headshot with me after seeing my ad in contacts. His wife use to be a fashion magazine editor and chose my style of headshots. I took it as a complement.    

Alan Drake

Angela El-Zeind

Gabrielle Beans

Gabrielle is also on the classical MA at LAMDA and will be taking part in the same showcase in LA and New York. Gabrielle is planning to go to New York on graduating and as well as auditioning for projects, she is looking forward to making her own work and seeing where that takes her.  

Claire O’Leary

Guy Rhys

Lighting test

My fanrastic tiny helper. I needed to do a lighting test and this little person stood on here mark every time I needed her to. Couldnt have done it without you Eartha. x

Isayas Theodros

Sally O’Leary