Ziggy Heath

Robin Pearce

Laurie Davidson

Brenock O’Connor

Lucian Msamati

Lucian was an absolute joy to work with, he came knowing exactly what he wanted but left a lot up to me, saying I was the expert. When he left I not only had a great set of images but felt more knowledgeable about both life and work. What a guy.

Michelle Bonnard

Kellie Shirley

  Kellie Shirley, dyed her hair for a job and then dyed it back. She wanted her headshots to remain current. Kellie mentioned at the start of the session that she wanted something a little moodier on a dark background so we had a play around to find out what works for her. This is Kellie as a natural blonde. (Her previous shot below.)

Zoe Tapper

Robyn Hoedemaker

Will Smith